Career Opportunities for Young

Host Jeff Gardner examines various career opportunities for young individuals, featuring everyday people doing ordinary jobs. He then challenges each candidate to discover and identify their greatest career potential and how to go about achieving it. After all, no one knows their true limitations until they step onto the job market, and the limitations of any one person to depend on their personal characteristics. Career Opportunities for Young Individuals was first published in 1998 and has received widespread positive feedback from readers. This new second edition includes additional essays, and an “Addendum” on “Careers for Teenagers.”

The book’s first chapter covers “Career Opportunities for Young People.” It begins with a discussion of the misconceptions that many parents have about career development, including the idea that there are only two kinds: on the mainland and offshore. Then it examines some of the career opportunities for young people on the mainland as well as those available on the islands. These include domestic helper employment, part-time and temporary workforce, and other businesses such as retailing and the hospitality industry.

Next, “Careers for Teenagers” reviews careers for young adults in the domestic sector. It then considers careers for teenagers in the corporate sector, including positions in the public and private sectors. Finally, it looks at various self-employment opportunities, such as freelancing and contracting. The book concludes with a short “Addendum” on career development, giving tips and pointers on what employers look for when hiring young people. The appendices provide information on finding domestic helpers in Hong Kong, selecting an English-speaking maid service provider, preparing resumes, and more.

Career Opportunities for young workers offers practical advice for young people interested in attaining higher education, looking for part-time or full-time work, or just about any job. It offers practical information and reviews the best options for them in the current economy. In addition, it offers a brief introduction to the life of a contemporary university student, with an emphasis on the training and development opportunities available to such people. The book also reviews the work experience, which is particularly useful for recent high school graduates. Finally, it looks at various government developmental opportunities for recent immigrants and expatriates.

Career Opportunities for young people is useful for teens who want to find some direction in their lives or want to enhance their skills for the workforce. The book contains valuable information regarding training for corporate cultures and provides ideas and tips on career development. The book’s appendices, including a brief primer on the training program for corporate cultures and the Hong Kong economy, are especially useful for foreign students studying in Hong Kong who may be interested in exploring the mainland enterprises in greater detail.

The book is also useful to parents who want to give their children a head start in life and are unable to avail of their own training programs. With Career Opportunities for young people, they have all the relevant information to make the best decisions regarding their own training. The book is not just a collection of useful advice but contains very interesting case studies as well that show the practical applications of the advice. In addition, it contains useful appendices that show how to maximize the benefits of career development opportunities offered by the mainland enterprises. Such examples include lists of free training courses, an examination scheme that test potential candidates on reading, writing, and analytical skills, and business plans that help parents gauge the profitability of their child’s chosen career.

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